Undergraduate Degrees

ePolyTechnic F offers STEM minded high school students like you an alternative — a dynamic, research-based and hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math education delivered with the small-campus, one-on-one attention you find at a selective private college. ePolyTechnic F is an affordable online university - engineered from the ground up to bring great faculty, industry partners, and like-minded students together. We inspire you -with award-winning buildings and facilities, and state-of-the-art labs. We dare you - through student competitions, high-end internships, and a senior capstone. We invest in you as our best hope for finding technology to solve immediate, real-world challenges.

Business Analytics

The world’s fastest growing companies — Google, Apple, IBM — look for recent graduates who can balance big-picture thinking (business savvy) with core data analysis skills. You will build upon foundational math and quantitative econometrics knowledge and grow to master logistics and supply chain efficiency. Smart decisions win

What gets measured, gets managed.

In a global, digital world, all businesses, products, markets, and economies face common pressures - make smart decision making faster, make it easier to measure success, and make success more routine. The B.S. in Business Analytics brings together the broad application of math and statistics, the intelligent design/computing of data science, and the business savvy of operations research and management to support success. Demand for graduates with skills in big data collection and analysis, process improvement, and project management - captured in the phrase business intelligence - are in demand across a wide range of industries.

Program Highlights

As a student in the B.S. in Business Analytics program, you will gain extensive skills in statistical analysis, data visualization and modeling (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive). That strong analytical and technical background is balanced by insights into how these models can be applied across functional business areas. You will gain exposure to broad business areas (finance and strategic management/marketing), with a special emphasis on supply chain and operations. Climate, political, and social change all make the ability to translate data into insights and smarter decision making vital for global supply chain and operations.


Health Informatics

Health Informatics concerns the storage, retrieval, use and delivery of health-related data and information across networks of patients and providers. Whether in support of emergency room optimization, patient health-care affordability, or study and prevention of global pandemics, the practice of health informatics is essential to achieving solutions, better delivery and greater knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

Health Systems Engineering

The Health Systems Engineering concentration program prepares the architects of tomorrow’s healthcare system to take on its most urgent and complex challenges. Health systems engineering involves a multidisciplinary approach that applies engineering and analytic principles to all aspects of healthcare. Students in the program gain real-world experience with industry experts and a multidisciplinary faculty to prepare students for a career leading change in healthcare.