The ePolyTechnic Academy

About the program

The ePolyTechnic Academy delivers a systematic approach to transformational leadership and is dedicated to long-term change.

You will be able to apply concepts, practices, and processes as they relate to the needs of actual work situations. Training is problem-based, with a situated learning environment, rich with authentic applications, collaboration, and assessments.

The program features:

  • »   active engagement and learning
  • »   meaningful and relevant curriculum
  • »   content applicable to the workplace
  • »   measurable development outcomes.
  • »   measurable development outcomes.

With the help of a program coach and workplace mentor, you’ll gain the information, skills and support required for you to excel in your leadership position to lead your team and department.

Who should attend the Academy?

This program is relevant to current, aspiring or emerging leader in a management role within the education and training arena. It is designed to facilitate personal and professional growth of current leaders keen to upskill and expand their capabilities as well as new and emerging leaders wanting to hone their leadership potential.

This program is suitable for:

  • »   Program managers
  • »   Functional and corporate managers
  • »   Senior educators
  • »   Team leaders.
  • »   Administrative professional at HEW level 7 and 8.

Take a look at what past participants have said of the program:

What an amazing week! I have felt my soul sing on so many occasions during the week; I have made some real breakthroughs and look forward to the leadership journey henceforth….

  • 1. past VU participant
  • 2. The best multi-day workshop I have ever had in my teaching career.
  • 3. past VU participant

Excellent opportunity to create career pathways for staff and nurture leadership qualities in younger (aspiring) staff.

  • 1. past participant, external to VU

Program elements

The ePolyTechnic Academy consists of two, 5-day Leadership workshops/sessions, one year apart. These sessions are identified as Week 1, and Week 2. A yearlong practicum experience occurs between these training sessions, with support and guidance provided by Academy Facilitators, self-selected mentors, and an Academy liaison.

The Practicum includes

Individualised Professional Development Plan

Participants develop and implement individualised action plans to address leadership topics and competencies covered in the first training session, Week 1. Participants expand their plan to include other leadership topics covered during the second training session, Week 2.

Mentoring and Coaching

After completing Week 1 of the Academy, participants self-select an internal and/or external mentor who will provide support, guidance, and feedback during the practicum year. A mentor selection form is submitted to the Academy, providing information about the chosen mentor. Academy facilitators provide coaching and further guidance and support during the Academy. Participants also select a "Program Buddy" for peer support during their practicum experience.

Reflective Practice and Journaling

During the practicum experience, participants are encouraged to continually reflect on their leadership capacity and their IPDP. Reflection helps participants establish a benchmark journal of where they are now, determine what they have learned from their objectives and experiences, and what they will do as a transformative leader in the future.

Online Connection

Participants are encouraged to remain engaged in online discussions and webinars. Academy Facilitators are also available during these online connections.

Lifetime Academy Membership is available to all participants, providing an additional forum of collaboration and learning. Membership benefits include a broad spectrum of materials, publications, and events that further enhance leader skill sets, curiosity, and insight.

Leadership Surveys

Several assessments are incorporated into the content and cost of the Academy, allowing participants useful knowledge and insights about themselves in their personal and leadership environments. In addition, a 360-degree evaluation tool is utilised, allowing participants to evaluate personal growth and development, as well as reflect on the information provided by supervisors and colleagues. With “pre” and “post” leadership survey instruments, these evaluations are measured over time.

Program topics

Week 1

Complex Role of the Organisational Leader

Integrating and Celebrating Strengths

Leadership Practices

Understanding Self and Others

Strategic Thinking and Acting

Culture and Inclusion

Leading Effective Teams

Communicating Effectively

Week 2

Strengths-Based Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

Leadership Practices

Leading as Manager

Talent Development ~ Mentoring and Coaching

Leading and Managing Change

Organisational Culture

Decision Making and The Leader’s Ethical Compass

Managing the Enterprise of Education

Encourage the Heart

Learning outcomes

  • »   Understand about one’s self and the world in which higher education and organisational leaders must operate.
  • »   Gain insight to identify adaptive challenges and learn how to embrace and apply the change process to teams and organisations.
  • »   Explore options for “finding your signature voice” as the leader in your life and organisation, with an increased understanding of organisational culture and behaviours to make ethical decisions associated with managing the enterprise of education.
  • »   Differentiate between the qualities and roles associate with being a manager and those of a leader, and determine which role is appropriate at a given time or situation.
  • »   Apply the skills of reflective practice in analysing the effectiveness of one’s own personal and professional decisions-making.


Total fee for The ePolyTechnic Academy is $5,800 (excluding GST), payable in two instalments.

1st instalment of $ 2,900 upon confirmation of registration.

2nd instalment of $ 2,900 before commencement of Week 2.

An invoice will be issued within 30 days after you register.

Cancellation Policy

Registered participants may cancel their registration in writing 30 days prior to commencement and will be refunded all fees less an administration charge of $200. No refund will be made for cancellation less than 30 days prior to commencement. However, we accept a substitute participant from the same organisation at no extra cost.