The Chair Advanced Academy

About the program

When you participate in the Advanced Academy, you will take a global look at education as an industry in transition and reflect on the impact of recent changes for the sector.

The Advanced Academy aims to reframe institutions, critical decision-making, and leading with integrity to help you expand the skill sets required to become a transformative leader and influencer. You will investigate education as a driver in a competitive global environment, as well as key issues in the sector such as student preparedness, completion requirements, and adapting products and processes.

The Advanced Academy program features:

  • »   active engagement and learning
  • »   meaningful and relevant curriculum
  • »   content applicable to the workplace
  • »   measurable development outcomes.

During this program you will:

  • »   discover knowledge about yourself and the world in which leaders operate
  • »   gain a working understanding about the importance of organisational culture and values
  • »   develop an increased understanding of the enterprise of education, including policy and politics
  • »   master the art of critical decision making
  • »   understand the motives and motivations that govern individual and organisational behaviours.

This program is co-delivered by facilitator. The facilitators are skilled practitioners and academics with extensive experience in the teaching, managing and consulting. You will have the opportunity to draw on the wealth of experience the facilitators bring to the course.

Who should attend the Advanced Academy?

The Advanced Academy is designed as the next step in leadership development for individuals with a body of experience working in a leadership role in education. The program extends participants’ current knowledge and skill sets, providing the tools needed for professional excellence and advancement. Graduates of the Academy, as well as leaders from higher education organisations world-wide, are encouraged to attend the program.